Software on Kebnekaise

Software on Kebnekaise

(For information about software on Abisko, go to our 'Software on Abisko' page.)

In this section you will find information about some of the installed software and applications on Kebnekaise at HPC2N.

It is highly recommended to read more about using modules on Kebnekaise at the Accessing software on Kebnekaise page before continuing.

If there is a program you need and it is not installed, (first search for it with module spider), you can either install it yourself or ask (mail support at if it can be installed on Kebnekaise. If the program needs a license, you will likely have to provide that yourself.

HPC2N provides a large selection of application software on Kebnekaise. This section will contain a brief overview of some of the software. You can always run module spider and look for the software you want to use. If you know the name of the module, but not which versions are available, you can use the command module spider <module name>. Follow the links below to get more information about running the applications or using the tools and libraries.

Many of the modules have a small 'help' text included. Type module help <module name> to get the help text.

Newer versions of the most frequently used softwares will be installed regularly. However, if you need a new version quickly, please send an email to



newest version

Amber is a molecular dynamics software package that simulates the Amber force fields.

Amber is available with and without GPU support.

External info:

16-AmberTools-16-patchlevel-20-7-hpc2n, 16-AmberTools-16-patchlevel-20-7

COMSOL Multiphysics is a general-purpose software platform, based on advanced numerical methods, for modeling and simulating physics-based problems.

External info:


Gaussian provides state-of-the-art capabilities for electronic structure modeling.

External info:

09.e.01-AVX, 16.A.03-AVX2
Gromacs A molecular dynamics package primarily designed for biomolecular systems such as proteins and lipids. It is a free software.
External info:
4.6.7, 5.1.4-hybrid, 5.1.4-PLUMED, 5.1.4-mt, 2016-hybrid, 2016-mt, 2016.2, 2016.3
MATLAB MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and fourth generation programming language.
External info: 
NAMD Highly scalable software for classical molecular dynamics simulations including special techniques for enhanced sampling.
External info: 
2.12-mpi, 2.12-nompi
VASP Performs ab-initio quantum-mechanical molecular dynamics (MD) using pseudopotentials and a plane wave basis set.
Extern info:


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